A lot of Calls can be exposed by the API. So to prevent timeout risks, lighten the payload, and speed up things, a pagination system has been implemented.

There is a default limit of 50 Calls per page, and the maximum is 200. Take care of this parameter because the payload even limited to one Call can be quite heavy because of the transcript.

As a general guidance, a 10 minutes call with its transcript weight around 100ko. 15min will be around 150ko and so on.

Pagination query parameters are limit and offset, the latter being 0 by default. Therefore with a limit of 10 calls per page, the first page will be limit=10&offset=0, the second page (calls 11 to 20) will be limit=10&offset=10.

Reach the last page

Depending on the available data and the filters you might apply, you know you've reached the last page if the data list is empty. Alternatively, after receiving a first HTTP response, count at the root level of the payload tells you how many Calls match your criteria. You can then play with offset to reach the end.

Note that you cannot paginate further than offset 10000. You'll have to play with filters to narrow down the number of calls to below 10k.