Piano Analytics

If you have a Piano account, coupled with our JavaScript Hermes, we are able to send calls data to this account thanks to Piano's Collection API.


Make sure that Piano JavaScript is loaded on the pages where Hermes is loaded as well, and especially make sure that the function pa.getVisitorId() is defined and available.


In order to push data once a call has been transcribed and tagged, we need the following information:

  • collection-domain is Piano API URL where to push data
  • collection-path is Piano API path where to push data
  • site-id is your site identifier on Piano's end
  • events-array contains metadata regarding the conversation analyzed by Allo-Media and pushed to Piano, see below.

A visitor-id is retrieved by our own JavaScript, as seen in pre-requisites.

These information will allow us to forge the URL to request Piano's API, such as:


events-array is a JavaScript Object, containing call metadata. Check with your Allo-Media account manager on how to customize this payload.