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In order to ease ingestion of call records from Nice to our own platform, we offer a native integration between the two services by taking advantage of Nice InContact APIs.

Once configured, this integration will automatically fetch available records from Nice, and process them within our platform as part of our Batch Transcription product.

Currently, calls from the day before are fetched once a day. Only calls with available audio file are processed.


The following information is needed to configure the integration:

  • api_client_id, api_client_secret, access_key_idand access_key_secret as provided by Nice in order for us to fetch your data.
  • The tenant_id for which calls must be downloaded.
  • left and right audio channels: is the customer voice on the right and agent on the left, or the other way round
  • Your timezone as defined by the TZ database, for example Europe/Paris or America/New_York