Known problems

Here is a list of known issues that prevent the Allo-Media script from replacing the target phone number. This list is not exhaustive.

Ad blockers

Allo-media's script is listed in adblocker's ads list and therefore cannot function if an adblocker is enabled in the user's web browser.

Privacy Settings

If you did not accept cookies and data collection during your initial visit to the site, please adjust your settings, delete your cookies, or switch to private browsing mode to prompt the site to request permission.


It is possible that you have disabled cookies and forgotten to re-enable them. Please check your browser settings to ensure that cookies are enabled.


If you are having trouble accessing certain features on your browser, it may be due to JavaScript being disabled. To check if this is the case and learn how to re-enable it, visit the following website:


It is possible that you have exceeded the call quota defined in your campaign for a certain period of time (for the current hour for example). You can check this in several ways:

  • Wait until the beginning of the next hour and reload your page. The time quota should be reset, and the number should be replaced.
  • Use the "devtools" of your browser. In the "network" tab, look for a query to and inspect the response headers. If the quotas are exceeded, you should see a header like: X-AM-Error-Msg: Exceeded quota.
  • Finally, you can utlize Allo-Media's JavaScript API:
am('set', 'onError', function(err) {
// Display: {code: 'THE_CODE', msg: 'A message'}

Asynchronous loading

The phone number that needs to be replaced must be present in the HTML code of the page when calling the am('start') function. If it is injected later, the Allo-Media script will not be aware of it and will not be able to replace it.

Example of a problematic chronology :

  1. Loading the HTML page
  2. Loading the Allo-Media script
  3. The Allo-Media script scans the page looking for the number to replace (and does not find it).
  4. The visitor clicks on a button "show number".
  5. The number is retrieved via an ajax call and injected into the page.
  6. The visitor sees the real number, and not the Allo-Media number.

Fortunately, it is usually possible to modify Allo-Media snippet to trigger page scanning once the phone number is injected.

Occasionally, we may need to communicate with your team responsible for script integration to determine the optimal approach for injecting the Allo-Media script at the appropriate moment.

Phone number in image format

The Allo-Media script does not allow for the replacement of phone numbers that appear as images on the page, regardless of the format. The phone number to be replaced must be in text format.