Connection and sending data

To get a JUpload access, please contact your account manager at Allo-Media.


You'll need to provide the following information:

  • Name of the campaign you wish to upload audio to
  • Technical contact, first and last name, e-mail address. This contact will be provided with a username and password in order to use JUpload
  • The metadata format you will be using
  • The channel configuration of your audio files
  • Your timezone as defined by the TZ database, for example Europe/Paris or America/New_York

Be aware that you will be given one set of credentials per campaign. For example if you have one campaign "inbound calls" and another one "outbound calls", you'll end up with 2 SFTP configurations.


When everything has been set up, using File Transfer Protocol, you'll need the following configuration to start sending audio and metadata for transcription:

You can have a maximum of 10 connections in parallel.

Username / Password authentication

  • username: the one provided to you
  • password: the one provided to you

Key authentication

  • key: provide us with a public key, using ed25519 scheme


First thing to check is the protocol. Please make sure you're using "SFTP - SSH" and not "FTP on TLS".

If you still run into an error, please contact our support with the following information:

  • Server
  • Type of login and identifier
  • Your public IP Address
  • Error Message

Sending data

Once you're connected to the server, JUpload expects two types of files to be uploaded:

A ZIP archive file can also be uploaded. Its content will be automatically extracted, and the content processed as usual.