If you have an AdForm account, coupled with our JavaScript Hermes, we are able to send calls data to this account thanks to AdForm Server Side Tracking.


Make sure that AdForm JavaScript is loaded on the pages where Hermes is loaded as well, and especially make sure that the variable window.AdForm._uid is defined and available.


In order to push data once a call has been transcribed and tagged, we need the following information:

  • trackingId is the client’s tracking ID, which can be found under Site Tracking in Adform.
  • trackingPointName is the name of the tracking point under which statistics will be counted. It can be for example a tag out of our analytics.
  • AdformCookieId is Adform cookie ID which is used to attribute data and for retargeting.

It will allow us to forge the URL to request on AdForm's side, such as:{trackingId}&ADFPageName={trackingPointName}&cid={AdformCookieId}&C=1

Optional configuration

It is possible to pass custom variables in query parameter itm such as:

&itm={"sl":"95.29","id":"ABC-123","itms":[{"pnm":"Product A"},{"pnm":"Product B"}]}

Your AdForm account manager will be able to guide you, and us, to build the correct payload.