Analytics events

This feature is only available as part of a closed beta for the time being.

During the conversation, various NLP processors are run according to your subscription. They emit annotation events that interpret and enrich the transcript. Those annotations are anchored on the transcript timeline, so that:

  • they can also apply to non-speech sound,
  • you can rewrite the transcript according to the interpretation in order to improve readability, or to hide sensitive information.

Events described below are Analytics events. Such events are returned when the text or the audio signal have matched an analytics rule.

Tag Found

The result of any analytics is named a tag in our API. Events sent to the client are therefore named TagsFound. Note that several tags can be returned at once.

"topic": "conversation:acme_corp@conference",
"payload": {
"annotation": {
"tags": [
"label": "Product - 50t anvil",
"uuid": "af46d611-5175-4c8b-abcd-d7237c5271c2"
"label": "Request for quote",
"uuid": "bf46d611-5175-4c8b-abcd-d7237c5271c2"
"confidence": 0.8,
"country": "fr",
"end": 1686304689773,
"lang": "fr",
"length": 2910,
"speaker": "Alice",
"start": 1686304686863