Calls and conversations status

Depending on when does one call stands in its lifecycle, we're giving it a property known as status. One call cannot have several status at once, nor having no status at all.

⏳ pending validity check

A call has this status while it is being processed. For example recording is still going on, or transcription is on its way. This is a temporary status, and no call will keep it as final.

🚫 void

This status mean that the conversation does not contain a lot of insight. Think for example of call when you reach the voicemail of someone but hang up without leaving any message: you're call exists, has been processed, but in the end we can not tell much about it. This status is final.

A call is void if it lasts less than 30 seconds, or if there is not a enough interactions between caller and callee for the conversation to be relevant.

🟧 pending qualification

Call with this status won't be void. The conversation is over, and the qualification steps are underway. This means that tagging of relevant data is going on. This is a temporary status.

✔️ qualified

This final status means that the call is over, has been transcribed and tagged. It is available for activation in third-party tools.