Getting started

The aim of Allo-Media webhook is to provide a way for Allo-Media customers to be instantly notified each time a call has been processed.

When you create a webhook, you specify a public URL and subscribe to an event that occur when a call has been processed on our platform. When this event occurs, Allo-Media will send an HTTP POST request with data about the event to the URL that you specified. If your server is set up to listen for webhook deliveries at that URL, it can take action when it receives one.

Setting up Allo-Media Webhook

To set up a Webhook, please contact your account manager at Allo-Media.


To configure your webhook subscription, you will need to provide us the following information:

  • the name of the campaign (one or several) you wish to be notified for;
  • the URL where you'd like to receive webhook payloads on your end;
  • an optional secret passphrase

Setting a secret passphrase is optional but strongly recommended as it ensures the payload you received was emitted by Allo-Media.