Product roadmap

Last updated: 2023-10-12.

This is the platform product roadmap. The developments we undertake aim at improving one of the following goals:

  • increase use of our APIs
  • improve on-boarding and ease of use (both during development and production)
  • meet today's standards in terms of security

Disclaimer: The following information is being shared in order to outline some of our current product plans, but like everything else in life, even the best laid plans get put to rest. We are hopeful that the following can shed some light on our roadmap, but it is important to understand that it is being shared for informational purposes only, and not as a binding commitment. Please do not rely on this information in making purchasing decisions because ultimately, the development, release, and timing of any products, features or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Allo-Media, and is subject to change.

How to read this roadmap

A number of themes are listed on this page. A theme is a topic on which we want to work. It tells about the "what", not the "how". For example the what "Decrease invoicing time consumption", might be achieved by several how, for example "Automate gathering of data used to compute invoice", or "Generate invoices as PDF and send them to customers".

A theme can be narrow or large. It can occupy people on one sprint or more (3, or even 4). The description of the how can be found as ShortCut epics and stories.

Previously achieved

What the product teams have achieved recently, which part of our platform we improved.

  • Phone Call Analytics Added an integration to Piano Analytics to push our analytics
  • Phone Call Analytics Added an integration to Axialys to fetch recordings
  • Phone Call Analytics Made available our new analytics module: Proximity
  • All products Improved pipeline configuration UX

In progress

How the product teams occupy themselves in the current sprints and during this quarter. Themes within should not change anymore. This does not include smaller fixes and improvements down the road.

  • Phone Call Analytics Extend analytics possibilities and display the result within Scribr, our web application, for better analytics and inishgts
  • Phone Call Analytics Integrate recorders, operators, and third-party tools to facilitate data ingestion and consumption
  • All products Improve Named Entities Recognition accuracy and computation speed, for better redaction and analytics capacities


Following themes will be addressed next, once we have freed development capacity by releasing some "in progress" items. It can be next sprint, or event 4 or 5 sprints away, or some quarters away. It's unlikely that these themes will be downgraded to "later", but you never know, everything is negotiable.

  • All products Give access to more usage metrics, to give users a better view of API consumption for development and invoice purposes
  • All products Improve the way we manage and add new languages and their enrichment, to ease deployment in new countries
  • All products Improve on-boarding and self-cared usage of our APIs, to empower users


Themes we'd like to address, but it's too early, either because we need to first implement dependencies, or we don't have enough data yet to move them up.

  • Stream H2H Improve readability of transcripts by offering punctuation and normalization
  • Batch Transcription Provide a way to transcribe audio file in a simpler way than FTP, and without speed limitation of current Stream APIs, to reduce complexity of sending us audios
  • All products Provide new contexts of ASR, to provide transcription and analytics in other fields than telephony
  • All products Support new streams and protocols aside from telephony's, to reduce complexity of sending us audios
  • Phone Call Analytics Provide a private phone interconnection to better answer large volumes requests