Uploaded audio files must be stereo with one speaker on each channel. This is an information we need in order to setup your account, either:

  • left channel is the customer, right is the agent
  • left channel is the agent, right is the customer

Format can be mp3, wav... Any format supported by ffmpeg should be fine.

Recipes for audio manipulation

Here are a few common audio manipulation recipes to help preparing files for Jupload.

Get audio file information

The following command outputs information about an audio file:

ffprobe -i audio_file.mp3 -v error -show_entries 'stream=codec_type,codec_name,channels,channel_layout,sample_rate,duration'

# Example output:
codec_name=pcm_s16le # 16 bits Little Endian
sample_rate=8000 # 8kHz
channels=1 # One channel

Convert a single mono file to stereo

If you only have a mono file, you can create a stereo file with the audio on one channel and nothing on the second channel. Jupload will then treat the file as if there was only one speaker.

# Copy audio to left channel
ffmpeg -i input_mono.wav -map_channel '0.0.0' -map_channel '0.0.1?' output_left.mp3

# Copy audio to right channel
ffmpeg -i input_mono.wav -map_channel '0.0.1?' -map_channel '0.0.0' output_right.mp3

Convert two separated mono files to stereo

If you have two separated mono files for the agent speaker and the customer, you can create a stereo file with the agent on one channel and the customer on the second channel.

# Customer to left channel, agent to right channel
ffmpeg -i mono-customer.mp3 -i mono-agent.mp3 -filter_complex "[0]apad[a];[a][1]amerge[aout]" -map "[aout]" stereo-left_customer-right_agent.mp3

# Agent to left channel, customer to right channel
ffmpeg -i mono-agent.mp3 -i mono-customer.mp3 -filter_complex "[0]apad[a];[a][1]amerge[aout]" -map "[aout]" stereo-left_agent-right_customer.mp3

Naming the audio file

The name of the audio file, without extension, must be found in the metadata file.

For example my_call.mp3 should be accompanied by either: