CSV metadata

If you chose the CSV metadata format, one CSV file, referencing several audio files, can be uploaded.

For historic reasons, it is expected that:

  • First line of the CSV must be header,
  • First cell of header must be named Nom or nom,
    • Values in the nom cell must reference an audio filename without file extension, see example below,
    • These cells can not be empty, a value is mandatory,
  • Fifth row is expected to be the caller phone number,
    • These cells can be empty,
  • Eight row must be the audio date and time,
    • Valid date and time format are either UTC, 2019-06-09T11:14:56Z or localized on your configuration's timezone,
    • These cells can not be empty, a value is mandatory.


First example

Considering the following CSV metadata:

Nom,Session SVI,Application,NAS,Numero,Cause,Note,Date,Longueur,Competence,SDA de l'agent,Nom agent,Id agent,Dossier

It is therefore expected to upload, aside from this metadata file, three audio files
named a_first_audio.EXT, a_second_audio.EXT and a_third_audio.EXT.

Second example

The minimum viable CSV would look something like:

  • The first line does not have a phone number (it might be unknown)
  • the second line has one