CSV metadata

If you chose the CSV metadata format, one CSV file, referencing several audio files, can be uploaded.

For historic reasons, it is expected that:

  • First line of the CSV must be header,
  • First cell of header must be named Nom or nom,
    • Values in the nom cell must reference an audio filename without file extension, see example below,
    • These cells can not be empty, a value is mandatory,
  • Fifth row is expected to be the caller phone number,
    • These cells can be empty,
  • Eight row must be the audio date and time,


First example

Considering the following CSV metadata:

Nom,Session SVI,Application,NAS,Numero,Cause,Note,Date,Longueur,Competence,SDA de l'agent,Nom agent,Id agent,Dossier

It is therefore expected to upload, aside from this metadata file, three audio files named a_first_audio.EXT, a_second_audio.EXT and a_third_audio.EXT.

Second example

The minimum viable CSV would look something like:

  • The first line does not have a phone number (it might be unknown)
  • the second line has one

Custom metadata

If you wish to keep additional information from other cells, e.g. a reconciliation ID to link your data to ours, an option can be enabled so that all CSV columns will be stored on our side.

Once digested by our system, the values you've input in the CSV will be made available to you in the payload of each Call in our Activate API.

There are some limitations:

  • Headers labels will be "slugified" (get rid of space, special chars). For example My Reconciliation_ID becomes my-reconciliation-id and striped to 40 chars
  • There must be at most 50 keys
  • Cells values are limited to 255 characters

If any of these limitations is not met, an error will occur, and your upload won't be processed.