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CallMiner integration

CallMiner is a speech analytics tool to which we can send our transcriptions, including our own tags and metadata.

In order to set up this integration we need the following mandatory information:

Metadata mapping This mapping describes which data from our side goes where on CallMiner's one. For example a Topic metadata on our side may go to UDF_Text_01 on CallMiner's.

Please note that we do not have a hand on which metadata is configured on CallMiner's side.

Tenant CallMiner's server where we should post data. For example

Source ID CallMiner requires a Source ID, for example AcmeCorpAlloMedia in order to identify us as the transcription provider.

Correlation ID A correlation has to be passed to CallMiner in order for it to recognize the call we're posting a transcription about. It has to be picked from one of the metadata we have at hand.

Credentials CallMiner has to give us credentials which will allow us to push data onto your account.