Error logs

When an error occurs, because your audio or metadata is invalid, a log file is generated in the sub-directory errors of your FTP directory.

There is one error file per day, the name being prefixed by the date, for example: 2021-01-01_error.log. It contains the list of errors that occurred in chronological order, the file that caused the error and the reason of the error.

Please note that files older than 60 days will be automatically deleted.


[2020-11-26T14:12:45.930398] ERROR test.txt: this type of file is not managed by the application
[2020-11-27T20:57:18.301286] ERROR in 123.123456789-321.json: the JSON file cannot be decoded
[2020-11-27T20:57:38.881846] ERROR in 123.123456789-321.json: the contact line "+33123" is invalid

Errors thrown

Here is a non-exhaustive list of errors you may encounter.

this type of file is not managed by the application check your file has a valid metadata file extension and that your audio complies with the expected format.

the JSON file cannot be decoded: {reason} the JSON format is invalid, the reason will be the error reported by the json decoder from Python.

The call date "01/01/2020" is invalid: {reason} verify that the date you have provided in your metadata complies with our standards.

The contact line "061122" is invalid. To mitigate the risk of error on phone numbers, we strongly recommend to use the E.164 standard as documented here.