How does it work?

Allo-Media provides a JavaScript tag (here called the "Allo-Media script") that the customer must integrate on its website. This tag allows to replace the telephone numbers present on this site, as long as they have been designated as "to be replaced", and configured as such by the project manager.

This tag is used to make the link between the visitor's web path and the possible phone call he will make later on. This link is made by assigning a tracking number for each unique visitor of the site.

Here is a simplified version of how it works:

How it works

This tag allows some customizations:

  • replace the customer's phone number by a tracking number, but redirect the call to another customer's number,
  • to replace numbers when the customer wishes it (following an action of the Internet user, after a certain delay, ...),
  • perform a JavaScript action on the website once the phone numbers have been replaced (callback)

You must ensure that the visitor has given his explicit consent to the deposit of Allo-Media cookies as well as to the collection of personal data before being able to load the script in his browser.

Cohort mode

If the visitor doesn't accept the cookies or explicitely refuses it, you can run Hermes in "cohort mode". This mode won't create cookies and will always display the same tracking phone number for your campaign to all your visitors. While this mode is useful when visitor refuses cookies, note that we can't provide all the features you're used to in the "classic" mode.

Cohort mode