Names Entities Recognition

Our platform is able to recognize a fair number of named entities. Once spotted, it is possible to have this entity be redacted, depending on the transcription settings. Note that by default, sensitve entities will be redacted.

In the transcript, you will find the Entity code in place of what was said. The audio file is also redacted with a jazzy music.

If you're looking for the named entities recognition support for our Live API, please check the dedicated documentation.

English entities

Entity codeDescriptionSensitive
num.xMisc series of numbers. Used to redact sensitive data (credit card and bank account numbers)
num.dateDate entities, such as "tomorrow", "monday 12th"...
loc.gpeAny adminstrative location: country, city, region…
pers.personFist or Last name.
org.organizationOrganization, such as a company name.

French entities

Entity codeDescriptionSensitive
num.pdlEDF delivery point
num.cbCredit card number
num.ibanIBAN bank account number
num.telPhone number
num.xOther series of numbers
pers.preFirst name
pers.nomLast name
pers.pre.eplSpelled first name
pers.nom.eplSpelled last name
pers.mailE-mail address
loc.voieStreet path
loc.autreOther location element
health.organBody organ