Names Entities Recognition

Our platform is able to recognize a fair number of named entities. Once spotted, it is possible to have this entity be redacted, depending on the transcription settings you chose. Note that by default, sensitive entities will be redacted.

In the transcript, you will find the Entity code in place of what was said. The audio file is also redacted with a jazzy music.

If you're looking for the named entities recognition support for our Live API, please check the dedicated documentation.

For a custom configuration of which entities have to be redacted, you can choose among the following ones:

DescriptionSensitiveLanguage availability
Misc series of numbers,
Used to redact sensitive data in english (credit card and bank account numbers).
Please note that a single number won't be redacted, for example: "I need 213 units", but 2 or more consecutive numbers will be, for example "The value is 752 634".
Credit card number,
if close enough to the card number, date of expiration and CVV will also be spotted.
frenchComing soon
IBAN bank account number,
for example as FR76 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx.
frenchComing soon
Phone number.Coming soon
EDF delivery point,
specific to the French energy market.
Date entities,
for example tomorrow, monday 12th...
Coming soonComing soon
Time of a day,
for example noon, 07:00...
Coming soonComing soon
A period of time,
of less than 24 hours, for example 2 seconds, 4 hours...
Coming soonComing soon
First or Last name.
First name.Coming soon
Last name.Coming soon
Spelled first name.Coming soon
Spelled last name.Coming soon
E-mail address.Coming soon
Date of birth,
for example November 5, 1955.
Coming soonComing soon
Any adminstrative location,
such as country, city, region… Soon to be replaced by dedicated entities.
Street path,
for example 22 rue Ferrandière, 3 Abbey Road...
Coming soon
Other location element,
for example floor number.
Coming soon
Zipcode.Coming soon
City.Coming soon
U.S. states.Coming soonComing soon
Body organ.
such as a company name.
Coming soon
A product name.Coming soonComing soon
An amount of money,
for example 15 euro, 16 dollars, 17 rubles...
Coming soonComing soon
A quantity,
for example 12 oysters, 2 kilometers, 85 kg...
Coming soonComing soon