Stream API, for human to bot interactions

All int type are unsigned 64 bit integers.

Inspiration for this API

MRCP is the standard protocol & API to provide ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) to third parties IVR and Bot engines.

Unfortunately, some of our clients have use cases typical of MRCP but they can't use that protocol, sometimes for technical reasons (e.g. Smartphone application, web application, voice sources outside of a VoIP infrastructure) or political reason. In the last case, they'd love to use already open ports (HTTP ports) instead of asking their IT department (and get authorizations!) to interface their VoIP network with ours through a VPN setup.

In order to satisfy those demands, as well as leveraging our own investment in MRCP, we wish to offer an MRCP-like API on Websockets, for easy access and usage by developers. Indeed, VoIP-skilled developers are rare, whereas ASR & NLU may be useful in a variety of domains involving a much larger audience of engineers.

Getting started

The Robots-Humans Stream API is a service inspired from the MRCP recognizer specification, and thus the protocol it exposes follows the terminology of the corresponding MRCP subset.

It's a websocket (WS) based protocol:

  • Text WS messages are used for command requests and responses as well as for recognition events;
  • Binary WS messages are used exclusively for streaming the audio from the client.

This documentation offers API reference as well as getting started guides.